What is RTG?

Mentor and youth

RTG is an education program that empowers youth and supports student graduation from secondary school across 43 BGCC locations in Canada. RTG draws on this rich history of BGCC supporting resilient youth, strong families and communities through education in non-formal and formal learning contexts.

The program is co-led by a team of supportive adults – education manager’s, club staff and community, university and professional mentors who believe and encourage young people to accomplish goals and excel in all they do. Young people thrive in a space which serves as a catalyst and hub for creative and student centred learning in academics, social studies, civic studies, life skills, the arts and sports.

Five Essential Components of RTG

During our last Education Manager conference and after many conversations with our clubs, youth and National Office we have “honed in” on the Essential Components of RTG:

Learning in and through/with technology will be integrated in all aspects of RTG‐in curriculum design.

Our Aims:
1. Curriculum

To provide rich, relevant core and optional RTG curriculum resources which centre on youth engagement, youth interests, knowledge and life experience.

2. Mentors

To provide RTG Mentors with a memorable learning, life and development experience whereby youth and mentors develop mutual learning and knowledge sharing experiences.

3. Program

To ensure RTG stays a cutting edge, innovative non formal education program for youth which nurtures skills and knowledge building/exchange within and between youth. These learning opportunities support success in academia and the wider world of work and life in the community.

4. Youth Engagement

In order RTG stays a vibrant, relevant and exciting learning program youth engagement is a core component. We plan to constantly work at engaging young people as learners and makers of knowledge. RTG provides a welcoming youth and learner centred space within the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

5. Access

RTG is a free program which is open to community youth who want to “think about, design and activate dreams”- to gain learning opportunities to succeed and work through challenges and goals in life, school, work, community and society. The program is tailored to youth needs and schedules. However, for youth to gain the optimal program experience we recommend a commitment of a couple of sessions a week.

Some students may prefer to have a more casual drop in relationship owing to the fluidity of their schedules. There is also the reality of increased enrollment and the availability of computers and work space according to space and computer stations in each club context.